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What we do

Marketing KPI Modeling
Based on advanced statistical techniques, we help you to understand the drivers of key marketing KPIs such as brand awareness, shop visits, sales or overall customer retention. Think of it as marketing mix modeling 4.0.

Marketing KPI Modeling

Customer Analytics
Connecting to your strategic and operational CRM, we develop segmentations and predictive models for individual customer behavior in order to guide your activities regarding customer acquisition, cross- and up-selling, churn prevention, and win-back.

Customer Analytics

Marketing Performance Reporting
The ever-growing demand for marketing accountability reveals the limitations of purely descriptive reporting systems. Based on our modeling techniques, we help you to monitor and document your return on marketing investment, continuously.

Marketing Performance Reporting

Data-driven Management Consulting
As we strive for impact, we work closely with our clients in order to transform insights into effective and efficient managerial decisions. Moreover, we consult our clients on improving their analytical infrastructure as a foundation for future success.

Data-driven Management Consulting

Marketing Data Refinement
While marketing data is abundant nowadays, it frequently suffers from gaps, inconsistencies and a lack of integration. As rich and reliable data is the foundation of everything we do, we offer comprehensive data refinement services with an eye for detail.

Marketing Data Refinement

Bespoken Data Science Services
In principle, all of our services are tailored to the specific needs of our respective clients. But sometimes, even this just may not be enough. Therefore, we offer bespoken data science services based on our comprehensive methodological expertise.

Bespoken Data Science Services


How we work

Understand your business

No one understands your business better than you. Thus, we will work closely with you in order to fully understand your business model and your specific questions and challenges.

Compile data

Rich data is key for analytical success. Therefore, we will put great effort into the compilation of data from several sources (your internal data, our proprietary data, data from third-party vendors).

Develop model

Model development is half art and half science. Based on our comprehensive experience, we will develop a quantitative model of your business that strikes the right balance between focus and richness.

Derive insights and recommendations

Our models tend to be quite complex and potent. Jointly with you, we will derive insights from them and develop sound, actionable business recommendations that will help you to optimize your marketing activities.

Ensure continuity

Our approach entails the opportunity for a lasting improvement of the way you take decisions. Therefore, we will support you in the transformation into a more data-driven marketing organization.

Our co-creation principle

Our core belief is that great solutions can only be achieved by connecting a broad range of expertise. Thus, we will work closely with you alongside the entire analytical process.


What we have achieved jointly with our clients

We helped a leading price comparison website to profitably double its growth rate via an optimized media strategy.

Profitable growth

We provide weekly marketing efficiency reports for a leading European mobile operator.

Weekly ROMI reporting

For a countrywide sales network with more than 1000 stores, we provide sales forecasts and gap analytics at near real-time speed.

Near real-time store tracking

We developed a data-driven segment-of-one price differentiation approach for a leading e-commerce marketplace.

Segment-of-one price differentiation

For a leading German retail bank, we developed a comprehensive marketing data warehouse and corresponding analytical processes.

Organizational transformation

What is your challenge?
Let’s start to build something great together.

Your challenge


Who we are

Christoph Nagel

Dr. Christoph Nagel
Managing Partner

Christoph founded econworks together with Gerrit in 2010. He has more than ten years of academic and industry experience in quantitative marketing, including a stint at The Boston Consulting Group, and holds a PhD in Econometrics from the University of Mannheim.

Gerrit Löber

Dr. Gerrit Löber
Managing Partner

Gerrit founded econworks together with Christoph in 2010. He has devoted his entire scientific and professional life to the measurement of marketing effectiveness and efficiency and holds a PhD in Microeconomics from the University of Mannheim.

Phillip Nagel

Phillip Nagel
Senior Advisor

Philipp is one of the founders and Chief Executive and Head of Marketing Insight of Etat Control, one of Europe’s leading media auditing firms. Based on his extensive industry experience, he has been giving guidance to econworks ever since its inception.

Simone van de Steeg

Simone van de Steeg
Senior Consultant

Simone has gathered comprehensive experience in marketing analytics in numerous projects. She studied psychology at the University of Groningen and worked for Rijkswaterstaat on the development of decision support systems.

Chrstian Hüttenberger

Christian Hüttenberger

Christian specializes in data management and advanced analytics with a focus on the TIME industries. He studied physics at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Raphael Bender

Raphael Bender

Raphael focusses on mathematical modeling techniques and the automation of analytical processes. He studied physics at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Julien Lacroix

Julien Lacroix
Senior Software Engineer

Julien heads all of econworks’ activities regarding data warehousing and application development. He has gathered extensive experience as an IT consultant and studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Lars Rosengren

Lars Rosengren
Software Engineer

Lars develops bespoken analytics and business intelligence solutions for our clients using technologies such as Java, Python und SQL. He studied computer science at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

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About econworks

Management-owned consultancy with a clear-cut focus on marketing analytics and data science.

Founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the University of Mannheim, one of Germany’s leading schools for business and economics.

Healthy double-digit growth since its inception.

Serving start-ups and multinational corporations alike mainly in FMCG, TIME industries and financial services all across Europe.

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